$4 Generic Prescription Drugs

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A trend has been emerging since about 2006 which is very favorable for savvy patients - the ability to obtain generic, common prescription drugs for just pennies a day. Target and Wal-Mart began the trend, offering an impressive list of generic drugs for just $4 per month. Many drugstore and grocery chains soon followed, and as a result nearly every corner of the country offers options for generic drugs at very reasonable prices. You won't find brand name drugs at the discount prices, but your physician and pharmacist can help you determine if you are a candidate for an appropriate generic drug.

This trend is a marketing tactic working to your advantage. The large retailers and grocery chains know that filling prescriptions is a good source of foot traffic, and that people tend to be loyal to a pharmacy. By locking in customers, even by selling prescriptions for a slight loss, both they and the consumer can come out ahead.

You can use our Discount Generic Drug Radar tool to find discounted generics near you, or you can peruse the following list. The list is continuously growing, but it provides a good starting point for finding low-cost prescription drugs. We've outlined the chain, the general philosophy on discount generics, and a link to a prescription list (if available). Keep in mind that some states prohibit the sale of pharmaceuticals at below cost, so these deals may not apply everywhere.

Target $4/month supply of common generics
WalMart $4/month supply of common generics
Walgreens $12/90-day supply for 400 generics
Kroger $4/month supply of common generics
Safeway $4/month supply of common generics
Giant $9.99/90-day supply for common generics
VA Pharmacies* $8 copay/30 day supply on all prescriptions
Food Lion $4/month supply of common generics

*The $8 VA copay is only available to Veterans. Certain Veterans have access to no-cost drugs, depending on their status.

In addition to cheaper drugs, an even more recent trend has been to offer free antibiotics. Given news of antibiotic overuse, we suspect this policy is open to debate. We don't make the rules, only report them, so here are the chains who offer free generic antibiotics with a valid prescription:

Wegmans Free generic antibiotic prescription fills
Meijer Free generic antibiotic prescription fills
Publix Free generic antibiotic prescription fills
Giant Free generic antibiotic prescription fills